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DIY Swimming Pool Colour Schemes

DIY Swimming Pool Colour - Sapphire BlueOnce you have chosen the shape and location of your swimming pool, it’s time to choose the colour.

The colour of your swimming pool can create a certain look or aesthetic to your outdoor area. Imagine having a pool that conjures images of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, or the rustic appeal of a natural lagoon.


The trick to choosing the best pool colours is to find those that complement its’ setting but still stand out. You want to create a “wow factor” that not only impresses your friends and family, but that makes you feel good every time you use your pool.

The colour of your pool can also affect the temperature of the water. For example:

  • A lighter pool colour will reflect the sun’s rays and cooler pool water may result. There is also a high potential for glare.
  • A darker pool colour will attract and absorb the sun’s rays. A darker pool colour may increase your pool water temperature by 2 to 3 degrees.


We offer a broad range of stunning swimming pool colours and designs for your new home pool. Our aim is to ensure that your pool is an attractive addition to your backyard which is pleasing to the eye and compliments the house and outdoor area you already have.

Whether you have a paved outdoor entertaining area or grassy lawns, we are sure one of our Deluxe Swimming Pool Colours will be perfect for your home. Select from one of nine Deluxe Colour designs ranging from the mild blue hue of our Water Spice to the more rugged and distinguished look of Coral Grey. These colour schemes will make your pool more of a personalised piece of your home while adding character and value to your property. Click here to view the colour range available.

While every effort is made to represent our pool colours accurately, the pool shell colour and water colour samples on this website are a guide only.

Deluxe Colours

DIY Swimming Pool Colour - Water Spice

Water Spice
DIY Swimming Pool Colour - Grey Spice

Grey Spice
DIY Swimming Pool Colour - Blue Rock

Blue Rock
DIY Swimming Pool Colour - Crystal

Crystal Sapphire
DIY Swimming Pool Colour - Beach Sand

Beach Sand
DIY Swimming Pool Colour - Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue
DIY Swimming Pool Colour - Ocean Blue

Dark Blue
DIY Swimming Pool Colour - Teal Spice

Teal Spice

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