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DIY Swimming Pools' Lap Pool Blue Rock Pool Design



Limited time offer, save $$$$!!!


  • 2 x led lights, RRP $1790, order this month for only $590
  • $500 off the top of the range robotic cleaners
  • Over $500 off heat pumps for a limited time only

DIY Swimming Pools take the stress out of buying a fibreglass swimming pool.

DIY Swimming Pools sells you a swimming pool kit and guarantees it’s delivery to your nominated address anywhere in:

  • Sydney and country New South Wales
  • Melbourne and country Victoria
  • Brisbane and country Queensland
  • Adelaide and South Australia

DIY Swimming Pools gives a 25-year structural guarantee on your swimming pool kit and our guarantee actually means what it says because we have been in the fibreglass swimming pool kits business for over three decades and we intend to be around a lot longer.

DIY Swimming Pools' Cosmo 9 Ocean Blue Pool Design
DIY Swimming Pools' Belmont 8 Blue Rock Pool Design

Why choose a Fibreglass Pool

A concrete pool will last longer than a vinyl liner pool, but you will need to get it resurfaced about every 10 years due to chemical erosion, the tiling grout will also be eroded by the salt or chlorine over time. Plus concrete pools are higher maintenance and have higher chemical usage than a fiberglass pool. Most fiberglass pools last 30 years or more.


Black algae are one of the most difficult algae to get rid of. Their deep roots are capable of growing in the side in plaster as well as concrete pools. It also has many layers that protect it from normal chlorine levels. A common way for your pool to be infected by black algae is by a bathing suit that has once been in the sea.

Popularity continues to grow for Fibreglass swimming pools because they are much cheaper and easier to install than a concrete pool.

Fibreglass pools are great because they won’t crack with any earth movement, and require very little maintenance. The smooth surface makes it easy to keep clean.

Once you have chosen your shape size and colour, it will be delivered on a low loader semi-trailer, a crane will be needed to place the pool.

We can arrange the semi and the crane if required or you can do it yourself, the choice is yours

Fibreglass pools are an eco-friendly alternative to vinyl liner and concrete pools., fast to install, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and use far fewer chemicals than any other in-ground pool.

How do you install your swimming pool kit?

DIY, as we all know, means “do it yourself”. If you are competent enough. there is no reason why you can’t install our fibreglass swimming pool kit yourself. It’s not that hard! Basically, you need to dig a hole big enough to accept the swimming pool and fit in the pool plumbing/filtration system, lower in the fibreglass swimming pool, connect the swimming pool plumbing, backfill the hole and install whatever coping or decking you need.

The big advantage of DIY swimming pool kit installation is you do not have to pay a swimming pool kit company to organize and carry out the pool installation and pay whatever profit margin they put on the installation, which saves you thousands of dollars.

If you hire a local tradesperson or builder then you are also going to save money because their travel time will be less. You can use a friend or trusted local builder but there are many tradespeople or builders who are capable of installing a fibreglass swimming pool.

DIY Swimming Pools' Belmont 10 Blue Rock Pool Design

At DIY Swimming Pools we try to make our pools the most affordable locally built fibreglass swimming  pools available on the market. We pride ourselves on a number of our business practices which we believe has built great word of mouth advertising for our swimming pool kits:

  • High quality construction with structural integrity
  • Very competitive pricing
  • On the spot quoting system because once we have quoted or prices are firm
  • Great local knowledge of areas
  • There are no hidden fees or extras and this is our promise
  • Large range of  swimming pool sizes
  • Large range of swimming pool colours for you to choose from
  • We provide swimming pool kit installations
  • We will support you through the process wherever possible


When you purchase a DIY Fibreglass Swimming Pool Kit you get peace of mind knowing it has a 25-year structural guarantee giving you confidence in the future. BUY Your  DIY Fibreglass Swimming Pool Kit today and we will give you our promise hassle-free purchase at the most competitive price. Pick your swimming pool kit, now first pick the shape and size then pick a colour. Once you have picked the size and colour of your fibreglass swimming pool give us a call, 0410 681 545 .

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